In 1972, the Mineola Civic Center, Inc. was organized and incorporated by a group of Mineola’s leaders to provide a meeting place for residents of the community, Wood County and the surrounding trade area. Their early vision was to house everything from community and family functions, government and business meetings, civic and charitable events, along with student and tourist activities, in a centrally located venue.

Unlike most civic centers, the Mineola Civic Center is not owned by the city or county and has never been supported by state, county or city tax dollars. Instead, it was founded on the power of philanthropy. A local grant-making foundation established by Harry Meredith in the early 1960’s, made the construction of the Mineola Civic Center possible with its initial landmark gift. The Meredith Foundation continues to give an annual gift in support of the Center’s annual operating costs. Additionally, the Mineola Civic Center is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and is supported by donations, special events and recreational vehicle space rental income.

Additional income to support day-to-day operations come from individual donations, charitable gifts, room rental fees, recreational vehicle pad site rental as well as bequests, and other planned gifts. The Center’s long-range sustainability for future generations is funded through the interest earned on the principal of the Mineola Civic Center Endowment Fund.

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  • Mineola Civic Center incorporated
  • First meeting of the Mineola Civic Center Board of Directors


Financial gift from the Meredith Foundation to build Meredith Hall, the conference facility on the grounds of the Mineola Civic Center


Completion of six tennis courts and restrooms


  • Opening and Dedication of Meredith Hall
  • First Event held at Mineola Civic Center was a wedding reception on October 8, 1977


Completion of eight tennis courts and restrooms from a generous gift from XXXXXXXX.


Establishment of the Mineola Civic Center Endowment Fund


Completed concrete overlay project upgrading all six Tennis Courts


  • Opening of the John & Reba Myers Splash Park built from a generous gift from the Myers for $320,000
  • Establishment of Mineola Civic Center’s Mineola ISD All School Reunion to be held every three years during Homecoming weekend


The Peggy & Jack Jones Pavilion was built from a generous gift from Jack Jones in memory of his wife, Peggy


First Daddy-Daughter Dance held at Meredith Hall


First Annual Fund giving group, The Friends of the Mineola Civic Center, was launched. This the first time in the history of the center that individuals, businesses and organizations were asked to make a gift to support the operations of the center